Martha Stewart Visits West Palm Beach GreenMarket

Article originally published in Palm Beacher Magazine by Illeana Llorens

It seems the West Palm Beach GreenMarket has received Martha Stewart’s stamp of approval.

The writer/entrepreneur/domestic goddess was spotted perusing items among the crowds on Saturday, when the City of West Palm Beach asked her for a photo around noon.

Stewart told event coordinator Katrina Resch that she really liked the atmosphere and was considering writing a blog post about it, according to Belen Woods, a representative for the GreenMarket.

Woods said Stewart’s presence was very low key and didn’t attract too much attention at the time.

“She blended in with everyone else … had a cup of coffee in her hand,” she said.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Stewart isn’t the only celebrity sighting at the GreenMarket in recent weeks. TV personality Dr. Mehmet Oz was spotted browsing the market in January.

Asked what she thinks attracts locals and big names to the weekly event, Woods said she’d attribute the GreenMarket’s appeal to its location on the Waterfront, plus its selections.

“It’s a really unique setting,” Woods said. “They have a great reputation for amazing vendors, fresh produce.”

Of course, its proximity to the island of Palm Beach—notorious for attracting celebs—tends to help, too.

“There’s always a chance to see someone famous,” she added.

The GreenMarket wouldn’t be the first local spot to snag a mention in Stewart’s blog. Just last year, Stewart wrote about her walking tour of Worth Avenue.

We’d say that’s a good thing.

Check out some photos of Martha Stewart (and Dr. Oz) enjoying the West Palm Beach GreenMarket, below: 


Photos courtesy City of West Palm Beach 


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