My “FResch” Perspective

So what exactly am I doing? Writing a blog… Who do I think I am? Rachel Hollis or maybe Jen Hatmaker? No I am not them, but I sure do get inspired by them. 

What I am doing is looking at life with a with a fresh perspective. In the name of branding please note that I will be spelling it (FResch) from this point forward. Sorry mom.

I was really fortunate to find a passion in Event Planning and to be able to make a career out of it. I have the natural skills set required… I LIKE TO PARTY! I grew up in an environment of constant social gatherings whether it be family bbq’s, my parents cards parties or just a living room dance-a-thon (yes, I passed that traditions down to my kids and we can be found breaking it down on a weekly basis).  I like to provide an environment for people to have fun and even more so I like all the planning that can goes into making it happen on a slightly larger level.

I had a wonderful experience with my first employer right out of college, so much so I spent the last decade (that sounds crazy town) creating fun community events for the City of West Palm Beach. Living in Palm City though always had me looking for opportunities in my own backyard. After a few… ok 3 failed attempts but who’s counting, I realized “it’s never or NOW” Yes, I realize that the saying is normally said the other way around but I just finished binge watching “Gilmore Girls” for the first time (what was I doing in 2007?) and that line really hit home. I realized I need to finally take my husband and others advice and start my own company. A FResch Perspective was established and rather quickly I might add… Seems as though I have been preparing for this my whole life…

I’ve decided to follow my vision, my purpose. To be a #GirlBoss like some of my friends and inspiration The Chic Site by Rachel Hollis and Jen Hatmaker. I have prayed, listened to my heart and opened my eyes and man I have seen the signs too. I mean Amy, take note of her – Take Flight Solutions – she’s my social media guru & referred to me as “The Loreali to her Rory.”  

…What I am trying to say, I’ve been inspired, and told I am inspiring. This has been inside me for SO LONG…and I am excited to spread my wings and share this talent with all of you!

Here we are again… The question I have been asked a LOT lately:

SO… what exactly are you doing?

I am launching an Event Management company focusing on public events and corporate meetings and social occasions. What does that mean? If you are having a meeting or a party and you don’t want to worry about all the little details, call me. I LOVE the details – and let’s share some inspiration together.


4 responses to “My “FResch” Perspective”

  1. You are going to totally ROCK this. So proud of you for taking the leap!!!

  2. This has your name written all over it…….No literally it has your name all over it!!!!! :-]

  3. I’m so proud of you and beyond happy you took the leap! This is your true calling and I have no doubt you will be amazing!! Inspiring? That is so true!! You have EXACTLY what it takes to put on an amazing event ( even on VERY short notice). Whomever works with you will see immediately what you can do. Go forth and plan!! Congratulations!!

  4. I’m so excited for you and look forward to seeing what you do! I love your title and I love your personality and you! Your gonna rock at this!!! Good luck Katrina!!!!

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