Top 3 Reasons to Hire an Event Manager

So why hire an event manager? Have you ever said…

“I’ve got this, I’ve had an event before!” 

“I’m going to save so much money doing this myself!”

“An Event Manager will take my vision and make it something I don’t want.”

These thoughts – classic. When planning your pinterest-perfect day, or meeting you want just that – YOUR DAY. You know how you want things done, so you are the best to do it, right? Well – not so much. Actually, the closer you get to an event, and the amount of stress that can bring with vendors, emotion, personal demands – it makes it REALLY hard to enjoy things.  Event managers have one of the 10 most stressful jobs IN THE WORLD so why on Earth would you take that on yourself?

Instead – hire a “crazy person” who does this for a living, and LOVES IT. Why?


Event management is a complex and detailed skill, which often takes a great deal of experience to develop. Qualified event managers have the expertise to understand and work with all the issues associated with managing an event. They can be trusted to swiftly analyze challenges and provide creative solutions.  An event manager guides your organization through the development and implementation of your event.

Time Management

Your work and personal obligations may not afford you enough time to properly plan all the details of your event. By hiring an event manager, you delegate all the planning and execution duties so that your work and life aren’t consumed by the extra responsibilities.  Your time will be directed where it counts most –  to offering your expertise on the organization, audience and resources.  In addition, your involvement with the event will be connected to the areas that provide your organization with the best return on investment; making new contacts, representing your organization and learning from the educational opportunities.


Event managers not only have all the contacts and resources required to manage your event, but they also have built relationships with vendors.  They have vetted out those who meet their expectations in regard to service and price, and know who they can push, who they can ask for favors and who they can ask for advice.

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