RV trip to Fort Wilderness

I find myself feeling obligated as a Event Management company to only post content about “real” events. Then it hit me…  Life is an event. So, I figured I would share some helpful tips from this Event planner to you about my recent family vacation including renting a RV and Disney’s Fort Wilderness campsites. IMG_2274

We rented a RV from Cruise America. I was shocked how reasonable it was ($540) to rent. Of course they have a lot of different ways to do it, but we chose the (4) night (400) miles option in the 5 person standard. I was nervous what the hoopty would be like rolling up but pleasantly surprised.

fullsizeoutput_f26 YES, I am wearing gold sequin shorts and a shirt that say’s “Happy Glamper” Oh and if you are wondering the number to call for Cruise America, see above =) Matt hated being a rolling advertisement but I’m giving kudos to them and their marketing team.

The RV had plenty of space for everything you need for three nights away in a small space with a three, six year old and 6ft husband. I wouldn’t push for more.  Note we had it for four nights… That’s my first recommendation, make sure to add a night to travel home, unload and CLEAN the RV before returning. We literally spent almost 2 hours both loading and unloading ours. My seriously organized pre packing didn’t make much difference.

Other tips: Bring a candle and plug in’s. Ours had a stench upon first arrival but got better. A small office type trash can. Fits perfectly in a nook by the sink and under bed. A broom!!! This should be the first tip and if you forgot everything else don’t forgot this. We swept almost hourly!

Of course it really depends on where you camp. We were in the lifestyles of the rich and famous grounds AKA Fort Wilderness. So we had a paved spot but the sand STILL got in!

Last RV tip, park as close as you can to your hookups (for the obvious reason there) but to also allow plenty of paved space between the steps in the RV and the dirt. Oh and Matt’s say’s bring a hazmat suit. =)


Fort Wilderness really is everything you have heard. The grounds are immaculate. We literally had a swamp directly behind us so I was prepared to be eaten alive by bugs but NOT ONE BITE! The bathrooms are clean and they are literally located within easy walking distance to all spots. Although, I HIGHLY recommend renting a golf cart. It was $60 a day and worth every penny. Half the fun was riding around in it. Golf cart tip: Bring a bluetooth speaker to play your jams from your phone. Decorate the cart. This can help you find it in the sea of other carts at popular destinations.


There is so much to do (pony rides, archery, water sports, trails, etc)  but we spent a LOT of time during the day at the pools which all had waterslides. Tip: You can go (via boat, bus or tram) to other Disney hotels and use their pools if you want to switch it up.


One of the nightly attractions is the campfire and movies where Chip and Dale make appearances. TIP: Bring your own smore kit, popcorn, beverages, etc. They do have a food truck available if needed.  Kids enjoyed it but as a family we all agreed we liked sitting on the beach at night and watching the electrical water pageant and fireworks. Tip: Bring glow items for the kiddos


All in all, it was a fun quick getaway for us Floridian’s before school started and some good wholesome family fun. We will definitely be back to Fort Wilderness. RV… it was a good experience.


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