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A LOT has happened since my last post. I have been hustling! I used to think of that word negatively but now I know that an entrepreneur must of said it first because by my definition, it means:

hus·tle /həsəl/ verb

  1. making it happen
    “she hustled everyday to make her dreams come true”
I have really put myself out there and have seen a lot of positive results. I’m not trying to toot my own horn, but instead hopefully inspire someone reading this to get out there and start hustling for their dreams too. It’s sometimes scary. I have to admit it’s emotionally challenging but SO worth it!
First and foremost, I have been growing in my faith. I was called to serve at my church so I joined the Dream Team. I greet everyone before the service and I hope that I have helped make someone feel welcome that may have been hesitant.
God has guided my path to the lovely people of Not for Profit; Catch The Wave of Hope.  Their mission is to abolish human trafficking. Yes, it’s a heavy topic but it’s a serious issue that is happening globally, nationally and what many don’t realize, locally. A goal for them is to build a transitional home in Martin County. I will be helping them produce fundraising events to raise awareness, education and to achieve that goal.
Education and awareness is important and in every aspect of life. In June, I attended the RISE conference in Austin, Texas with my best friend and met 200 women who are all my besties now too. I learned so much about myself and others in that weekend and I’m forever grateful to Rachel Hollis and The Chic Site.
One of the speakers at the conference shared the importance of branding. Obviously, when starting a business you have to create a brand. I have been working diligently to create marketing materials and create an online presence. The first step… I have been very active on social media. It’s FREE, fun advertising. A mentor said to me “You are your brand. Be Kat, Kat is great”  These words meant so much to me. I hope you think so too. Follow me on Facebook @FReschPerspective or Instagram @freschperspective.*Make sure to check out the Insta-stories to get the real behind the scenes action.*
Of course I need to have my feet on the ground too so I became a member a local Chamber of Commerce. I embraced every possible opportunity to participate, network and contribute within this organization. This is a great way to meet business owners and leaders in your community. I sometimes get nervous when attending a networking function but then remind myself that all the like minded people attending are there for the exact same reason I am. I credit my participation in the chamber in helping me secure one of my clients so far.
The Chamber is great for business connections but for my social occasion services I had to go another route. I offer “day of coordination” for weddings so what better way to meet brides then attend a bridal show? So I did just that and secured another four clients immediately. Not to mention, it was a lot of fun. It’s kind of like speed dating but a little less awkward. This is also another amazing way to network with professionals in the industry. I met my new friends @ecpeventgroup at the show and now we are promoting each other and partnering when possible.
Oh wait! I almost forgot, I produced a golf tournament in the middle of all this… UPS Stuart wanted to host an event to benefit The United Way of Martin County and asked for some support. It was my first golf tournament and I LOVED it! I learned so much from the experience. There’s so much you can do to make a golf tournament unique and fun for the players. The tournament was a lot of work and I couldn’t have executed the day without help. I had volunteers on site and they were hustling too.
Did I mention I started my business right before school Summer break?
Everyday I’m hustlin’
Hustle, hustlin’ hustlin’

Mothers Day Garden Party

Happy Mothers Day to all the beautiful woman of the world who are blessed with God’s greatest gift. We celebrated my mother Melinda Franke a week early so that we could pull it off as a surprise and I’m happy to report that we did just that.

5-7-17 (21)

She and my father just recently purchased a beautiful home that sits on a gorgeous lakefront that had me dreaming up a garden party since the day they moved in. My mom has acquired quite the green thumb so I liked the idea that some of the decor I would use, she could reuse.

5-7-17(28)5-7-17 (30)

When I met my new best friends at TemporarilyYours, Lori and Kathy, I knew I would have to rent some of their pieces to enhance the look. Everything in the photos below are theirs. My mom loves purple so their rug and pillows were a nice touch. I think the first thing my mom said when she arrived was that she wanted their large watering tins!

fullsizeoutput_7f15-7-17 (11)-1

My parents have been working hard on their new backyard oasis so they already had the structure needed for a covered dining experience. I worked with EventMakers to bring in a table, chairs, some linens and dinner plates. I have to say I love the crew that works their loading dock. They are always super friendly and efficient.

After researching on Pinterest I found some lovely ideas for the tablescape. I simply laid burlap and lace across the center, filled mason jars and a watering tin with moms favorite, lavender and babies breath and hung a floral display over the table. My friends at AGoodeFlorist supplied the flowers but I executed the vision. However, in the future I’m going to have the florist do it all. It a LOT of work and stress. The professionals make it look easy.

Luckily we have a photographer in the family. My cousin Heather of HoughtonPhotography  captured our intimate celebration in a personal way that only she could have done.


5-7-17 (14)5-7-17 (16)5-7-17(40) 5-7-17(34)

The day was beautiful and one that we all will never forgot.

Mom, I love you. I’m proud of you. I thank God everyday for you. Thank you for having, supporting and most importantly loving me.  I hope you enjoyed your garden party.


Destination Stress Free

Today is my 8th wedding anniversary. My husband and I have been reminiscing about all the wonderful memories of the day and honestly the not so wonderful… Weddings are stressful. The expectations are high and especially those of event planners.


We had a great wedding and celebrated with those closest to us. However, we both wish we would have hired a day of coordinator. If so, I wouldn’t have been thinking about the timeline, venue set up or have to be the contact for the hotel to ask a million questions. Matt surely wouldn’t of had to have a heated conversation with a vendor just moments before the ceremony that plagues his memory. Moral of this story, hire a day of coordinator. While you’re at it, might as well make it me 😉

We dreamed of an exotic destination wedding but the reality of guest and family logistics made it seem impossible. During our honeymoon, we swore that on our 10-year wedding anniversary we would do a destination vow renewal. So here we are 8 years and 2 kids later, happier than ever and I think it’s time to start finally planning that destination wedding.

I met our travel agent Terese Ternullo with Hibiscus Travel. at a networking event prior to our wedding. We have booked all our travel with her since. She’s always provided amazing customer service and special touches throughout the years. Professionally, she would extend opportunities to me to learn more about the wedding industry when I was still working full time and not quite ready to start my business.

Terese made a lifetime client out of us and we will be working with her to coordinate our destination vow renewal. As timing would have it, she just expanded her travel agency to include designing Meetings and Incentives in the Caribbean and specialty cruises too.

I can think of a pretty special cruise back in 2005.


She say’s “I’m looking for  business owners who has thought of, but perhaps has never fulfilled his/her wishes of, taking the entire office/corporation/top performers on a well-deserved retreat or conference. These owners don’t want to waste precious time and energy researching the plethora of options available, and want to avoid overpaying and/or booking something that doesn’t meet their expectations.”

I don’t know about you but I smell a pretty good partnership brewing.

If you are or know of a business owner who dreamed to reward their team or need help executing conference travel, I will be working with Terese to make that happen.

I’m so excited to start planning my STRESS-FREE vow renewal in the Caribbean with Terese and I bet she will be able to help secure a day of coordinator too!