Viniar Wedding

Traci & Jeremy met while Traci was learning how to Scuba Dive! Jeremy was Traci’s instructor, and the two of them could not stop laughing from the time they met. Their best man, owns the scuba shop that they met at. His speech at the wedding was priceless. It mentioned having a buddy with you at all times while diving, and now they would have a buddy for the rest of their lives. When I met Traci & Jeremy, they booked their wedding for May 4th, 2019. However, Baby Viniar (Due in May) had a different plan!

Their wedding was moved up to January 26th! Unfortunately their beach ceremony was rained out, but none the less we had a beautiful outdoor Jewish Ceremony! (Traci converted to marry Jeremy) This wedding was the perfect example of why you NEED a Day of Coordinator. The weather required location change & cancellation of transportation. The band called 5 hour before the event to tell me their lead singer had bronchitis and couldn’t sing (a backup was secured two hours later). The hotel had an event in the ballroom and we weren’t able to even set the tables in the room until 4:30pm… Despite all the obsticals everything was perfect, it was a beautiful wedding for two very kindhearted hippies <3 THANK YOU for trusting me to be your Day of Coordinator!

Day of Coordinator- Lindsay, FResch Perspective

Photographer- Kristen Browning Photography

Florist- Creative Florals by Lynne

Cocktail Entertainment- Ultimate Steel Band

Reception Entertainment- Solid Brass Band

Cake- The Cake Lady

Venue- Hutchinson Island Marriott Beach Resort & Marina